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Growth of the Female Owned Business



In recent years, the “women-owned” logo has been added to large and small businesses nationwide. The rise of women-owned businesses is one of the great success stories in cities in every state. It’s a quiet revolution that’s been happening for decades and is accelerating yearly.

That’s an achievement we can be incredibly proud of, and it can be a shot in the arm for the business world as a whole. Here’s why it’s important to support female entrepreneurs, the ways starting a women-owned business is encouraged today, and how women business owners help all of us succeed.

1. Every Industry Can Benefit From Women-Owned Businesses

When people think about women-owned brands, many often have specific businesses and company types in mind. Female entrepreneurs’ presence in the beauty industry selling a product line of Vitamin-E-based skin care or other beauty products is a fairly common notion, for example, as is a woman’s business specializing in home decor, the fashion industry, catering food, or other services that might be considered a women’s traditional domain.

There are plenty of female-founded businesses operating in those and similar areas. But women entrepreneurs can be a fantastic fit for all kinds of industries. There isn’t a commerce sector where a woman-owned business can’t diversify and improve.

Even a glance at recent U.S. Census Bureau data can highlight the issue. In the past 50 years, women workers in industries centered around science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) have moved from 8% of the workforce to 27%. That’s encouraging, but it leaves a lot of room to grow.

One of the issues in these industries is representation. Many people choose professions based on perception, and if they feel they might not be adequately represented or treated fairly within a particular field, it can potentially guide their decisions.

The vast majority of tech companies are male-owned businesses, but that’s changing by the day. The more of them that display a “women-owned” logo, the better the chances that future female business owners might choose the industry and give all companies — including those run by their male counterparts — access to an untapped workforce sector.

2. Women-Owned Businesses Help Minority Entrepreneurs Grow

One of the most encouraging movements in this country has been the rise of minority business owners. The melting-pot image of America is becoming more accurate each year as people of color grow as a portion of the population. That increase in number and influence is reflected in the makeup of the business community.

To increase support for minority-owned businesses, raising their visibility is crucial. Giving support to women-owned businesses is a critical ingredient in that process.

More than 5.4 million women-owned firms in the U.S. are owned by women of color. When a customer buys women-owned products from a woman-owned business, they often help support Black-owned businesses, Hispanic-owned brands, and other companies founded or co-founded by a person of color.

The commercial landscape is fueled by money and customer preferences. When those customers support women-owned businesses with a minority owner and buy women-owned products, the market takes notice. It can lead to additional capital and openings for minority businesses, both male- and women-owned, everywhere.

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Unlocking Opportunities: The Ultimate Female-Owned Business List for Success

Female Owned Business Opportunities

In the recent business landscape, the “women-owned” emblem has found its place on storefronts, both big and small, all across the nation. The ascent of female-owned businesses stands as a testament to one of the most remarkable success stories unfolding in cities across every state. It’s a quiet revolution, one that has been gradually evolving over decades and is now gaining momentum with each passing year. Amidst this exciting backdrop, opportunities within the realm of female-owned businesses are thriving, offering a promising future for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

n conclusion, the growth of female-owned businesses represents an inspiring narrative of determination and progress. As the “women-owned” logo continues to grace businesses nationwide, it signifies not only the achievements of women entrepreneurs but also the vast potential that lies ahead. This journey, marked by resilience and innovation, has only just begun. With increasing opportunities and support, the future is bright for female-owned businesses, promising continued growth and prosperity in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.



3. A Women-Owned Business Can Level the Playing Field

In this country, women make up slightly more than half of the total population. And they’re overrepresented in the national workforce — a U.S. Census report released in conjunction with Women’s History Month placed the labor force participation rate for women at more than 56%. But that hasn’t translated to a high percentage of women business owners.
Women-owned businesses comprise only about 20% of all firms with employees. That number is growing, though, and it’s vital for the health of our country’s commerce that it continues that upward trend.

As with women-owned firms run by people of color, representation can be the key to additional opportunities and help support a vision of a world less beholden to ingrained biases and traditional ideas of the goals that are appropriate for women to strive to reach. Every brand launched by women can be part of the change that aids in placing them on more equal footing with men in business and the family.



4. A Women’s Business Enterprise Can Access Dedicated Financial Support

One of the primary concerns of many potential company owners is the financial issues that can arise when someone decides to start or join a brand. Being the founder or one of several co-founders of a business takes personal capital or backing from a solid and trustworthy source through a business loan.

There are helping hands ready to aid a woman who wants to start a company, though. Women-owned small businesses or a women’s business enterprise that’s been designated as such through the Small Business Administration can qualify for special federal loans and bid on government contracts to help them get up and running.

And women-owned businesses can also get access to specific venture-capital funding. It’s part of the national push to increase the number of women-owned businesses and give them all the support possible.

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At Harlem Shake, we’re at the forefront of a movement to give women the opportunity for ownership in an exciting and growing industry. We’re proud to have been founded and run by women, and it guides our business plan and development as a franchise.

If you’re interested in becoming part of a fast-casual burger-and-shake brand that believes in our owners and gives women the chance they’re looking for to make a difference while building wealth, contact us today!



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